This private equity investment firm has more than $84B in AUM, with investment and operational teams in 16 offices around the world.


This firm is challenged with a complex multiple legal entity structure​ and deal transactions involving multiple legal entities and often multiple currencies​. Deal expenses needed to be allocated across funds and entities​. The firm needed a solution that would also integrate seamlessly with 12 additional platforms. With Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations, the firm has a data management framework that integrates bi-directionally, has decreased allocation of expenses from 30 days to near real-time​, and replaced multiple legacy interfaces and complex error-handling middleware with a single-solution interface framework with automated error handling​. With HSO’s DynamicsAdvantage for Multi Entity Financial Management, the firm has the tools to easily automate the setup of new entities, efficiently process multi-entity transactions​, and manage the allocation of transactions across Funds and Entities​.

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