As an asset management firm today, you don’t lack data, but you probably lack the tools to get solid, actionable insights that will help you make smart decisions regarding consultants, clients, and advisors. Without the understanding of that data, you are unable to identify opportunities and areas of vulnerability, leaving business on the table for a competitor to grab.

Microsoft Customer Insights bridges the gap between data and insights. It consolidates data from anywhere, including your CRM and back-office sources, without the need for significant integration efforts. It then links those data sources and applies AI and publicly available information to enhance that data.

You can then drill down on that data—by advisor or office— viewing combined, holistic data, including wallet share, product types, and transactions over time, to gain powerful insights and recommendations on next best actions, which are delivered or displayed on whichever tool you have in place. Customer Insights even pulls in data based on holdings or financial accounts, like public or life events, that could be impacting a particular holding or account.

Armed with those recommendations, you can decide whether to make a call, send a marketing email (Customer Insights even recommends what the email should contain), or follow up accordingly.

Customer Insights offers from HSO: 3 ways asset management firms can begin operating more efficiently

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