Actionable insights provide credit union branch managers the opportunity to oversee sales team members, manage targets and track goals.

I’m going to show how a credit union branch manager can use Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power BI and HSO’s Credit Union Solution to accomplish this.

Activities & Performance Dashboard

Here we start with our typical dashboard, but we’ve created a few other dashboards that are specifically for managing sales teams and the targets.

First, we’re going to start at our Activities & Performance Dashboard. You can see that it’s going to show us a list of activities and performance.


Credit Union Activities & Performance Dashboard


When I open this dashboard, I can see at-a-glance the types of members that my sales team are interacting with, I can see the different types of activities: phone calls, meetings, tasks, follow ups, etc. I can also see what type of members have been contacted over time. We’re seeing that same type of detail, but seeing it over a calendar view, and then we’re also seeing it as an overall availability of capacity.


Activities & Performance Dashboard Interactions


If I scroll down a little bit more, we see specifically appointments by member date, so you can think of these as a column there, and then also appointments by member life stage. We’ve been able to, in the Credit Union solution, tier our customers: post-secondary and early career stage, family and career stage, pre-retirement, early retirement, later retirement. We know now who all of our reps are interacting with and what types of interactions they’re having.


Activities & Performance Dashboard Customer Tiers


I can filter on each of those reps as well. I can selectively choose the ones I want and then I can also choose multiples just by clicking on little check boxes and holding down my control key. Very nice, simple and easy.


Activities & Performance Dashboard Filtering


Credit Union Branch Manager’s Dashboard

Let’s take a look at another one. This is the credit union branch manager all-up view. This allows me to see how my particular branch is doing overall.

We’re not only looking at activities, but we’re looking at customer satisfaction scores. We’re also looking at how are we doing from a deposit perspective, from a lending perspective, and from a sales with our face to face ratios – how often are we seeing those members either live in the office or somewhere either at their location or other locations. Now we’re seeing the same thing of those visits and appointments over time, and then proactive sales calls versus actual sales closed. And then we can also import data from other systems and here we’re seeing net inflows and outflows. So again, a great overall picture of the health of the branch itself.


Credit Union Branch Manager Dashboard


Retail Performance Dashboard

Now let’s go in and take a look at the retail performance and you’ll see that we’re expanding the scope a little bit and we get to see a little bit more detail here. We’re looking at overall total assets: our revenue number of accounts and our targets there, so we can set targets within each of those. How many prospects are we qualifying and out of those? How many are we closing?


Retail Performance Dashboard


Pipeline, Performance & Portfolio Dashboard

Now let’s wrap up with one additional report here, and this is the Pipeline, Performance & Portfolio view. And as you can see, this is a Microsoft Power BI report, but it’s embedded within the Dynamics application.


Credit Union Branch Manager Pipeline, Performance & Portfolio Dashboard


Now we have this multi-age report. As this populates, we’ll see the different advisors that we’re dealing with, so I can filter on multiple advisors. I can also look at periods over time. We’re looking at overall AUM for the whole branch, won revenue by product, the different savings accounts, checking accounts, mortgage products that we have, what is our overall win rate compared to applications – even new leads, and where are those leads coming from?


Credit Union Branch Manager Pipeline, Performance & Portfolio Dashboard Multi-Age Report


Not only that, but we could even now look at individual details and performance. Here are our client details, and if I wanted to filter and get more details about how Abraham is doing, I can come in and look at their portfolio details and we see what life stage they’re in, what total assets we’re handling for them, what type of investments, loans, products, and services they have.


Credit Union Branch Manager Pipeline, Performance & Portfolio Dashboard Individual Details

 Performance Report


I’ll go back and choose Alex, who’s trending up, and we’ll go to their portfolio details, and now we see different details and information about that individual. Not only can we track and target how our individual sales reps are doing, but how are we servicing our individual customers as well.


Performance Report


Leaderboard Dashboard

If we take a quick look at the leaderboard, we’ll see at the leaderboard level, who out of all my sales team members are at the top of the stack, and then who’s maybe a little bit challenged in their overall performance.

As you can see, we’re including some nice capabilities. It’s very visual, very pleasing, easy to use. We’re even incorporating a little bit of gamification here by showing who is the big shark. It looks like Molly’s closed a big one recently. Jean is up there at the top as well, Veronica. We’re seeing all the big fish and little fish commingled there. 


Credit Union Leaderboard Dashboard


Sales Performance Dashboard

Let’s look at the sales performance here. Again, this is broken down by sales rep and the number of leads that they’ve been handling, how many that they’re qualifying and then how many are they converting? And then this is our overall sales pipeline.


Sales Performance Dashboard


Performance Highlights Dashboard

We’ll now look at a couple more tabs here: our performance highlights. How are we doing over time and net changes?


Performance Highlights Dashboard


My Team Portfolio Dashboard

How is the team doing from a portfolio perspective and a product perspective?


My Team Portfolio Dashboard


My Team Pipeline Dashboard

How is the overall pipeline doing?


My Team Pipeline Dashboard


As you can see, a lot of beneficial detail and capability in the reporting aspect of this solution helping guarantee that a credit union branch manager is managing their clients, client interactions and branch performance, but also the sales team members.

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