Zenus Bank is building a compliant technology infrastructure with secure services that is maintainable, supportable, and scalable for its global banking services. Hear from their leadership in this customer story. 

An interview with Mushegh Tovmasyan, Chairman & Founder, Pedro Martinez, Chief Information Officer of Zenus Bank, and Gabriel Viera, Chief Compliance Officer

Tovmasyan: At Zenus, we’re removing barriers to create banking beyond borders. Zenus allows individuals and companies all over the world to access transparent, cheap, efficient, first world banking services, therefore, unifying the playing field.

Viera: Global banking is a really good business, but it has a lot of regulations we need to adhere to, and that’s where Zenus Bank is doing innovation. All this technology that we are using, we’re leveraging to strengthen the business in international banking.

Martinez: Everything revolves around data at Zenus Bank. To be able to secure that data in a cloud environment is challenging. So ensuring that we have a fundamental architecture design for how we’re going to be operating, how we’re going to be sharing that data among microservices, that was the key.

Tovmasyan: We knew that in order to innovate in the banking space, we had to build a better foundation. From technology perspective, regulatory perspective, we’ve invented a new way of banking. We need to be able to depend on a partner to really scale and push the limits of our infrastructure.

Viera: Technology intersects with compliance everywhere. Without the technology in place we have, we wouldn’t be able to comply with all regulatory requirements that are part of the global banking business. For the governance around the bank, we have multiple dashboards, multiple reports that we use, leveraging Microsoft Dynamics. HSO and Microsoft have complimented the work significantly.

Tovmasyan: The future of Zenus is to transition from being the consumer facing bank into the infrastructure bank that will power a new generation of FinTechs and allow existing FinTechs to pivot into this new way of doing business, cross border transactions, embedded finance. For us to really capture our first mover advantage, we need to find the best and safest path into scaling our services globally.

VieraZenus is different in the space because it’s able to provide our B2B partners a way of making cross border payments safely and securely. HSO and Microsoft have provided us with the tools to be able to be in constant monitoring and constant contact with these B2B partners. They have improved how we measure performances and better provide services to our users in the bank.

Tovmasyan: Our counterparts at HSO see the problem we’re looking to solve, and they’re helping us really achieve our dream and use Microsoft to be the backbone of our growth.

Martinez: They have support us through that discovery phase that allow us to set the roadmap and jumpstart with the minimum viable products that give our customers what they need and make us profitable. We’re pushing forward to ensure that we can deliver now.

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