This Asset Management firm’s marketing organization was tasked with providing their advisors with programmatic, approved, and compliant next best action communication with their customers: who the advisors needed to contact and what the messaging needed to be.

The solution also drives better CRM utilization, better client interaction, and more direct client interaction, which ultimately results in more capital inflows.

The Client Engagement Hub (CEH) has been built within Dynamics 365 Sales using Power Apps for Intermediary Advisory Next Best Action. The user can access it by clicking on the My Engagements on the left-hand side. They’re going to see a list of all their contacts and from here they can filter or sort. They can filter by all contacts, or contacts that they haven’t reached out to in the last 60 days.

From here, they can sort by AUM, high to low, low to high, or the most recent correspondents. Because this is all built within CRM, they can access this contact activity or their record by clicking directly on the name. They can also click on the little email icon and send their client an email directly from Outlook. By hovering over the phone icon, they have access to the primary contact phone number.

Client Engagement Hub was built with Power Apps for Intermediary Advisory Next Best Action

In the middle section, we’re going to see the suggested engagement panel. This has been curated for this seller’s recipient list by marketing. The AM introduction check in email is one of the recommended campaigns. We can find out as a seller a little bit more information about that particular campaign by clicking on the view contacts button. This is going to provide us with more information about the goal of that campaign as well as the target audience that’s recommended to receive it. We can also choose to snooze a campaign or dismiss it indefinitely.

Access the Campaign Details Image

When we click on the engagement, we’re going to see our list of recipients that have qualified for that engagement on the left, and then a preview of that engagement on the right-hand side. You’ll notice that as we start to click through to the different recipients that the contents in the preview dynamically update. This is all dynamic and specific for that client or recipient.

Dynamically Update Email Copy from Power Apps for Intermediary Advisory

We also have an opportunity to customize a message. We can customize all.

Customize a Message for All Email Recipients Image

We can apply this same message to all other recipients that have qualified for that campaign. You’ll notice that they are getting a custom message because there are two little pink indicator dots. We can also make an update on one individual’s custom message as well if we so choose. You’ll see that as we’ve updated that, it’s updated this content below, as well as indicated that we are only applying a custom unique message for Sarah by this single pink dot as compared to the two here.

Customize a Unique Message to a Single Recipient Image

We can also remove recipients from this list if we want to. It’s going to ask us to confirm. And by doing so, it’s also going to give us an opportunity to include an optional reason for removing them from the campaign. This will help inform future campaigns.

Easily Remove Recipients from a Marketing Campaign Image

From there, we can launch the engagement. It’s going to ask us to confirm. Once we’ve done so, this will send. Launched engagements will appear here on the right-hand side. From here, we can click and see a little bit more information about the status of that engagement.

See Which Engagements Successfully Launched with Power Apps for Intermediary Advisory Image

And finally, we’ve included a feedback button on the bottom right-hand side so we can collect real time feedback from the users so we can continue to enhance CEH.

Easy to Use Feedback System for the Users Image

Thank you for watching a demonstration of Dynamics 365 Sales and Power Apps for Intermediary Advisory Next Best Action.

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