Handle your “people” workloads with the Microsoft Power Platform


HR software—even the most sophisticated—typically falls short when it comes to managing your workforce to optimize every resource and get the right people on the right projects. Today more than ever, you must not only fight for good employees, but also find the balance between staffing to get the job done right, forecasting accurately, and keeping costs down. This requires full visibility into the work that needs to be done and your employees’ schedules, skills, and experience so you can plan accordingly. The problem is that large HR systems don’t have that functionality, and you don’t have time to deal with trying to piece together a solution with spreadsheets and databases. Key areas of information—recruiting, training, certifications, experience, availability, security roles, and even physical assets—are in silos. You need technology that will facilitate those efforts but that will also work with and pull data from your existing HR system, external recruiting resources, and other systems of record…and you need it yesterday—not in a few months, which is what typical software development would require.

Built with the Microsoft Power Platform, HSO’s People Accelerator is a workforce management platform that bridges the gap between your HR software and what you need to better manage your people. It streamlines the process of managing your human resources while enabling you to ensure their time and talents are being utilized to their maximum potential. You also gain the capability to handle ad hoc requirements and tasks, making that data automatically available to the enterprise. With insight into your operations and actionable data, you can optimize your workforce based on a variety of attributes, from geographic location and skill set to availability and utilization limits.

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