Software solutions for Finance & Accounting: Protect funding with financial responsibility and transparency 


On a daily basis, non-profits deal with challenges most for-profit businesses do not. Funding is not always consistent, staff is limited, and budgets are always tight. You need to manage closely monitored funds responsibly—without compromising on the speed and quality of services you provide—so you maintain your legitimacy and reputation.

Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, HSO’s Finance & Accounting solution provides you with the tools you need to manage restricted and unrestricted funds, grants, and donations in a single, integrated, secure, cloud application for optimal cost recovery. You can generate transparent reports in multiple formats, set and monitor budget goals, and set security rules and permissions to fulfill your mission. With HSO, your organization can transform and automate key processes and workflows to:

  • Accelerate effectiveness
  • Increase responsiveness and scale
  • Make best use of resources
  • Support planning & development

HSO can help your non-profit operate more responsibly to support those who depend on you. Download the Finance & Accounting Solution Brief using the View PDF Now button on the right to get started.

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