Software solutions for Constituent management: Maximize your relationships with donors, volunteers, and participants


Unlike the private sector, non-profits rely on the generosity of those who support them. From corporate sponsors to individual event volunteers, every single person or organization who provides support plays an important role in your ability to advance your mission.

It’s important to keep those relationships strong while ensuring your organization is benefiting from their generosity. HSO’s Constituent Management for Non-Profits, powered by Microsoft’s Cloud for Nonprofit, is a single, unified system that enables you to manage your constituents and the activities surrounding them, giving you the data to communicate and interact in the right way—and on a more personal level. Track profiles and key relationships for individuals, households, and organizations with a 360-degree view, including:

  • Complete profiles with biographical details and contact information
  • Relationships within you and with other organizations and programs
  • Employment, education, likes, interests, talents, and experience
  • Donation history
  • Preferred communication methods
  • Activities, including number of hours volunteered
  • Membership status (have dues been paid?)
  • Progress of participants in your programs, including outcomes

HSO can help your non-profit operate more efficiently to stay connected those who support you. Download the Constituent Management Solution Brief using the View PDF Now button on the right to get started.

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