Financial advisors are in a highly competitive market, particularly during times of volatility. The two biggest adversaries are churn and robo-advisors. The key to coming out ahead is offering value that cannot be delivered by anyone else—value that will keep your clients happy and loyal…value that robo-advisors can’t offer. You need the ability to reach out proactively by:

  1. Developing and maintaining a real relationship that only a human can provide, and
  2. Figuring out how to predict what’s going to happen

How do you do it? With Microsoft Customer Insights. It looks at market data, strategies, world and local events, major life events, and even the day-to-day events you see on social media, linking those data sources and applying artificial intelligence (AI). Customer Insights gives you access to true, predictive relationship management, so you can be a strategic advisor.

Customer Insights offers from HSO: 3 ways wealth management firms can beat robo-advisors and gain clients for life


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