Insurance carriers with captive agents need to keep those agents selling competitively, while carriers with non-captive agents depend on high-performing producers and want to help them to continue performing. But there are challenges for both:

  • How do carriers with captive agents help them be as productive as possible, to get the most return out of every minute of their time? And how you support the efforts of your direct sales team?
  • How do carriers with non-captive agents identify their top producers and support them in their efforts to recruit new brokers and agents while competing with other carriers?

Getting that data is not a problem, but how do you turn it into actionable insights? Microsoft Customer Insights adds a value layer to any CRM to consolidate data from anywhere and then applies artificial intelligence (AI) based on your parameters and triggers to provides access to predictive information that will help determine next best actions, ensure no opportunity is missed, transform relationships into true partnerships, and win customers for life.

Customer Insights offers from HSO: 3 ways captive and non-captive insurance carriers can empower agents and win customers for life

Insurance Carriers with Captive Agents

Insurance Carriers with Non-Captive Agents


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