Is working in silos getting in the way of serving those who depend on you?


As a non-profit organization, you and your funders depend on specialized processes and technology to manage cases, participants, outcomes, and other requirements. Manual, paper-based systems or outdated, ill-equipped technology can exacerbate the complications inherent in a network of care, resulting in duplication of effort and errors. This can impede your ability to provide the right level of support and negatively impact outcomes.

HSO’s Case Management Accelerator is built on the Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit, utilizing the Microsoft Power Platform. It is an integrated framework designed to support the complete case or client life cycle from intake to discharge. Additionally, it is transparent, offering reporting functionality to demonstrate outcomes as well as administrative and financial alignment. Security at each step can be locked down to suit the needs of your organization’s processes and help them comply with HIPAA and other privacy requirements.

Download the service offering on the right to to see the tools included in this flexible, customizable accelerator and how you can improve efficiency and efficacy with process support at every stage.

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