How Non-Profit Organizations Can Attract More Donors with Fundraising and Engagement for Microsoft Dynamics 365



With growing competition for every donor dollar—and an increasingly selective pool of donors to compete for—it would be ideal to be able to see through the eyes of the donor you’re hoping to attract…to walk in their shoes, even for a few minutes, to understand what they’re looking for, what compels them to choose one cause over another.

Add to that challenge the changes we’ve experienced in 2020. Suddenly, in-person events and activities—which many non-profits count on to engage with donors—are gone. But your mission is still there, and the need for support is still there as well, perhaps even more so than ever before. You need the right tools and processes to keep those donations coming in so you can start off 2021 on the right foot.

This on-demand, informational webcast will introduce you to Fundraising and Engagement for Dynamics 365. We’ll take you through an hour in the life of a donor and what happens behind the scenes in your organization so you can find ways to make donating to your cause as fast and easy as possible, encouraging potential donors to follow through and keep coming back. Together, we’ll explore:

  • Using artificial intelligence to gain deeper insights and personalize engagement to attract, retain, and grow donors
  • Drive fundraising efficiency and reduce costs through process automation
  • Get an accurate picture of fundraising and financial outcomes—including virtual meetings, events, and pledges—in real-time by tracking donations and pledges in one, centralized repository
  • Reduce the friction of donating with self-help/self-service power to make payments, choose a method of payment, and encourage regular/recurring donations
  • Gain donor confidence with complete transparency into your organization and their commitments with the ability to view their donations and how they’re being used

You’ll walk away from the session with actionable ways to modernize your donor engagement and increase your mission impact, backed by a powerful tool that’s part of the Dynamics 365 platform, backed by the full Microsoft stack, and leveraging a best-in-class cloud infrastructure with business intelligence and reporting capabilities.

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About the Presenter


Alejandro Ocasio | Functional Solution Architect | HSO

Alejandro Ocasio is a technology consultant and business professional with more than 12 years of experience managing teams and projects through the complete software development lifecycle. He focuses on providing strategic guidance, solution design recommendations, and mapping innovative software solutions to client business goals and objectives. 

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