Now more than ever, citizens need information and services, and municipalities must be able to respond quickly to these requests. Manual/paper-based processes, cumbersome workflows, and outdated databases are standing in the way, but there’s no time or money for major software implementations. In this session, we’ll demonstrate another approach, using the Power Platform by Microsoft. The Power Platform enables municipalities to tackle these challenges with low-code/no-code solutions with many pre-built connectors to other tools your organization is likely using to automate and streamline critical processes. In just days and without the need for big spending or a developer, you can build, deploy, and start seeing immediate benefits from solutions that address specific roadblocks to supporting employees and their efforts to serve their citizens better.

Presented at the 2020 Virtual Government IT Symposium


About the Presenter

Alejandro Ocasio | Pre-Sales Architect | HSO

Alejandro Ocasio is a technology consultant and business professional with more than 12 years of experience managing teams and projects through the complete software development lifecycle. He focuses on providing strategic guidance, solution design recommendations, and mapping innovative software solutions to client business goals and objectives.

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