How 5 Financial Services Firms are Using the Microsoft Power Platform to Accelerate their CRM–Including Salesforce

What do you do when off-the-shelf software falls short and building a custom application isn’t in the budget? How do you achieve your vision faster when there is not enough time and resources to address everything on the to-do list?

Savvy financial services companies are turning to the Power Platform – Microsoft’s low-code, rapid application development environment.

Discover how the Power Platform makes it fast and easy to build apps, automate workflows, and extend any solution you already use – including SALESFORCE – to get that last piece needed to complete the puzzle – in days, not months.

Topics discussed during this on-demand webcast include:

  • What the Microsoft Power Platform includes, what it does, and what makes it better
  • Typical problems the Power Platform solves and how your peers are benefiting from its use
  • Real life examples/success stories of how the Power Platform is being used at 5 different Financial Services companies

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About the Presenters

Tom Berger VP Financial Services HSOTom Berger | Vice President, Financial Services

A sales veteran with more than 20 years of experience working with financial services firms, Tom strategically leads the Financial Services practice by providing tangible, high-return enterprise cloud solutions.



Michael Quattlebaum | Vice President, CRM Practice

Michael has worked for more than 20 years in technology, with a business-centric approach to problem solving. A former entrepreneur himself, he understands the challenges businesses face and works closely with clients to provide creative solutions that satisfy their objectives.


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