As a social services-focused non-profit, people depend on your organization to help them navigate confusing and stressful situations when their need is at its greatest. Add to that need the complexity of the ongoing pandemic, and it becomes even more important—and challenging—to help them while confronting new and ever-changing realities. It is critical for IT to support the organization in its efforts by mitigating these challenges through leveraging technology.

During this collaborative, 1.5-hour round table, a group of youth and family-focused non-profits discussed how to tackle the challenge of managing client cases and the supporting technology strategies. Listen to this session and hear how colleagues from organizations such as LifeWorks Austin and BronxConnect are:

  • Effectively tracking and reporting on how your participants are serviced and how the services you provide are impacting your mission
  • Streamlining and automating operations for on-boarding, check-ins, and other interactions necessary to ensure your team is keeping up with the growing demand for the services you provide
  • Improving the client experience while increasing efficiencies with tools like portals and chat bots that let them interface directly with the system and their data
  • Managing programs and services that have transformed to meet the needs of clients as a result of COVID-19

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