This state’s Office of Management and Enterprise Services manages and supports the functioning of the state’s government, providing financial, property, purchasing, HR, and IT services to all state agencies.

The process for handling funding requests received through phone calls, emails, and ITSMs had no system of record and was manual and disconnected, requiring too many systems and with an inefficient workflow—which lengthened the time to approval. There was no smooth way to hand off cases to project managers and no way to track resources and billing. With $6.9 billion flowing through each year, there was money being lost, so the agency needed a single, unified system to take projects from request to quote through the handoff to the project team. The office is already using Microsoft products, and, after learning of Power Platform successes from other agencies in the state, connected with Microsoft, who brought in HSO. By essentially going from no system to a single system of record, the process for handling funding requests has improved dramatically, significantly reducing the time for a quote to be processed, and the agency is saving significant amounts of money by being able to track and better manage resources and budgets.

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