As the world has witnessed in just a few short weeks, an outbreak can turn into an epidemic in no time, wreaking havoc on populations, healthcare systems, and economies. These are extremely difficult times for everyone—and our governments, health departments, and agencies with the heavy responsibility of keeping us safe are working around the clock on challenges they have never experienced before.

One thing is for certain: COVID-19 moves rapidly, which means we need to do everything we can to act rapidly to combat it. Any opportunity to leverage existing resources, tools, and technologies will help those efforts progress faster. HSO’s accelerator for Public Health Outbreak Tracking & Monitoring is one of those resources, and we are eager to share it with the agencies and entities on the front lines.

Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Apps, this accelerator provides a strong foundation and framework that agencies can modify to support the unique processes they are using in their containment/mitigation efforts, including:

  • Identifying outbreaks through a variety of information channels
  • Quickly configuring a call center for the outbreak with pre-built call intake surveys for the virus—survey answers can then be used to help automatically direct those taking calls to the appropriate follow-up questions or routing for further action
  • Tracking potentially exposed or infected citizens and their movement to other locations
  • Dispatching health officials to locations visited by those who are infected
  • Utilizing social media outlets to communicate with the population
  • Responding to inbound inquiries and performing outbound follow-up communication with  those who might be infected
  • Monitoring those at risk based on CDC, state, and local protocols to isolate the virus and report back the results to the CDC and health departments

Watch this 10 minute demonstration to learn more.

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