Where in the past you implemented a new ERP system every 7 – 10 years, today your applications will be developing constantly. In the cloud, new functionality, updates, and better security are being released constantly.

By implementing Change & Adoption strategies and an agile delivery methodology we assure that investments pay off, since true value starts when software is being used as it should. DevOps teams that operate in a lean and agile way, make sure that issue management and enhancement of systems go hand in hand. That is what we call modern delivery.

What you can expect to learn:

  • What does agile working mean in practice?
  • How can DevOps teams take your business to the next level?
  • Adoption & change is a continuous process
  • Get a grip on your ERP migration if you don’t know the outcome yet
  • Homework: how do you find the right partner?

Do you have any questions about our e-books, or would you like to know more about ERP transformation? Feel free to contact our advisor Andrea Jack by emailing to ajack@hso.com or call +1 847 348-0588

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