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For-profit businesses aren’t the only ones that have competition to deal with. The competition for donor dollars is growing every day—and those potential donors are smart and very selective about who they support.

There is the added challenge presented by the pandemic of 2020-2021. Non-profits suddenly realized they could not necessarily depend on in-person events or activities and needed to find other ways to engage. You need the right tools and processes to keep those donations coming in so you can continue advancing your mission.

If you could see through the eyes of the donor you want to attract as well as the donors, volunteers, and other constituents who are already supporting you, you could understand what compels them to choose one cause over another and communicate your mission and message in a way that will resonate and inspire them to act.

Introducing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundraising & Engagement: Your Key to Unlocking Donor Potential

In 5 short, digestible videos, we’ll demonstrate key components of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundraising & Engagement that will address challenges from connecting with donors to managing the processes behind the scenes:

Member Management: The ability to track basic membership information and communicate with members and prospects

Constituent Management (or contact management): The ability to see key information in one, centralized location to understand key activities and know when and how to engage.

Event Management: Take control of event-related data in one centralized location to track registrations, outcomes, and budget versus actuals so you can plan efficiently and effectively

Donation Management: Track pledge matches and donation data and gain visibility into individual giving to improve efficiencies around encouraging recurring giving

Reporting: Demonstrate to your donors where their dollars are going and more accurately forecast the best approaches for encouraging future giving—and sharing that guidance with staff and stakeholders

You’ll walk away with actionable ways to modernize your donor engagement and increase your mission impact, backed by a powerful tool that’s part of the Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit, the Dynamics 365 platform, and leveraging a best-in-class cloud infrastructure with business intelligence and reporting capabilities.

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Fundraising & Engagement for Non-Profits

Modernize and streamline donor and constituent engagement to increase mission impact

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An Hour in the Life of a Donor

How non-profit organizations can attract more donors with Fundraising and Engagement for Microsoft Dynamics 365

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