You have big goals, your off-the-shelf CRM software, whether Salesforce or Dynamics 365 CE, is falling short and building a custom application isn’t in the time budget or financial budget.  

The Opportunity: 
Microsoft’s Power Platform provides a low-code, rapid application development opportunities that allow your Financial Services firm to quickly solve your gaps, on a manageable budget, with immediate ROI. 

Join to Explore: 

  • What the Microsoft Power Platform includes, what does and why it’s a better value with your existing system 
  • Typical problems the Power Platform solves and how your peers are benefiting from its use 
  • Real life examples and success stories of how the Power Platform is being used at 5 different Financial Services companies 

Who Should Watch:  
Financial Services firms using Salesforce or Dynamics 365 looking to drastically improve their internal business processes and customer engagement without “rip and replace.” 


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