Microsoft Dynamics Global Partner ImageIn an Acceleration Economy Media interview, Jack Ades, Co-President at HSO, tells Aaron Back what makes HSO unique: HSO is truly a Microsoft Dynamics global partner.

What does it mean to be a Dynamics global partner?

Aaron: Today I’m joined by Jack Ades of HSO to really learn more about what’s hot for HSO at Community Summit 2021. Alright, Jack.

I would like to dive right in and ask what solutions does your company provide or offer to the Microsoft community?

Jack: Thanks Aaron. Nice to be with you. 

All right, HSO is the largest dedicated Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Power Platform provider in the world.

It’s as simple as that. We do all of the Dynamics 365 applications and we are global, truly global, as the largest dedicated Microsoft provider out there for Dynamics and Power Platform.

Aaron: Right. And I think it’s pretty telling that the experience you would be bringing to the Community, not solely with the solutions you provide, but also with the services, you provide an experience that brings to bear for the international global-scale customers.

So, for Summit North America 2021. Is there anything you’re debuting this year?

Jack: What we’re doing this year for the first time is, we’re approaching the entire Dynamics install base for Microsoft and offering them global managed services. The global managed services offering is what we call Application Management.

Application Management – at any level – could be reactive support, but what we do really, really well is much more strategic managed services. We will provide more strategic consulting resources like solution architects and senior consultants.

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On the functional and technical side we have offerings called Competency Center, where we’ll take over an entire group within the company that needs to manage their Dynamics, implementation and installation.

We have lots of instances where we have a global customer that is in the middle of implementing but also has to manage all of the stuff that they’ve already rolled out to all the different offices they have.

They need advice on who should be next to deploy, how should that deployment be done, who do they need to train. It’s part of their team that is very hard for them to hire, but we know the product so well. We know Dynamics really well and we know how to how to deploy that globally very well.

We become a strategic provider for them – a trusted advisor.

We’ll have multiple resources there just dedicated to that customer both full time and some part time.

Aaron: Well, it’s great that you have that because that provides collaborative effort. I think of it like co-creation with the customer when they’re really rolling out that solution, maybe there are some old processes or old ways that the system was put in place. They’re trying to roll out something new, or they’re not fully aware of, but they have their business expertise coupled with your experience with the application. I think that tightly speaks to what could be rolled out at the end. Meaning, this is a co-created, collaborative effort with the outcome.

I love hearing that. It just really speaks to the level of commitment that you guys have towards the community and your customers.

So, I need to ask. Obviously, there are a lot of Microsoft partners out there, and you speak the truth.

There are a lot of global Microsoft partner out there, but how are you different from other sponsors that are going to be at Summit North America?

HSO Microsoft Global Partner

Jack: We keep on saying global, I’d like to say that we’re really, truly global. We have actual companies and entities all throughout North America, through Europe, Asia, and Australia.

We really are someone that can deploy within that country and be localized, but at the same time understand all the differences around the globe.

Very few companies can say that they can deliver globally, but sometimes they’re partnering with other companies or they’re not sending their team out there around the world. We have people living all throughout the world.

We have a major Global Services team located in India, Macedonia, and Philippines to provide 24/7 support. So we have true, 24/7 support and managed services.

Also, I’d like to say what differentiates us is, we like to meet the customer where they’re at.

The way we like to phrase that is that very often a company says, “You have to go cloud, and that’s all we do is cloud.” We know that there are a lot of times the customer is not quite there yet. Maybe they have some on-premise instances, or they’re all on-premise and it’s not the right time for them to go to the cloud.

Part of our offering as well is to continue to support the on-premise versions of Dynamics until that company is ready to move on. It could be a few months. It could be a few years but, we’re able to meet them exactly where they are, and we feel that that’s a big differentiation for us.

Aaron: I like that as well because a lot of times working with various businesses and organizations around the world, there’s a cultural aspect, too. You’ve got to understand where the people live and how they operate, and their thinking is differently than it is here in the United States. There’s that aspect of connecting with the customer where they are – it really speaks volumes to how well the outcome of the project could be.

I really like that you’re there, literally globally, and you have teams there that are available to do that.

Alright, well, Jack, thank you so much for this, “What’s hot take for Summit 2021.” It’s been a pleasure chatting with you today.

Jack: Same here, thanks so much.

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Jack Ades is a Co-President of HSO. Jack is an information technology entrepreneur and executive. He has been providing organizations of all types with digital business solutions for over thirty years.

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