LifeWorks works to help more than 4,000 youth and families, many who are facing life’s most difficult challenges, including homelessness, trauma, and abuse, find a path to self-sufficiency. Every year, LifeWorks’ 17 programs, research, and advocacy provide much-needed support for more of the people they serve.

LifeWorks is an HSO client, having implemented HSO’s Social Services Case Management for Non-Profit Organizations to tackle challenges with managing huge amounts of data, including consolidating and accessing data from any location in a user-friendly format. This enables LifeWorks to better support on-the-ground employees interacting with clients on a daily basis so they can better manage cases and track progress.

This took care of a major challenge, but there was another that needed HSO’s attention as well. Each LifeWorks staff member was using a different method for uploading sensitive client information to Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. Their processes, while HIPAA-compliant, were cumbersome and not mobile-friendly, and some staff members were using non-HIPAA compliant mobile apps. This process was slow, inefficient, and most concerning of all, carried possible risk.

HSO clears the path to better client service with the Microsoft Power Platform

Using the Microsoft Power Platform, HSO created a user-friendly, HIPAA-compliant solution that allows LifeWorks’ staff to upload documents to Dynamics 365 from any mobile device, anywhere. Staff members can now upload documents from any mobile device with just a few simple clicks. LifeWorks now has peace of mind knowing that a consistent, HIPAA-compliant process is being used to upload important documents into their CRM system.

How the Microsoft Power Platform works to help non-profit organizations like LifeWorks

So, how does the Microsoft Power Platform make it possible for non-profits–with tight timelines and even tighter budgets–to get exactly the functionality they so desperately need to help those they serve?

The Power Platform includes three tools—Power BI, Power Apps, and Power Automate (formerly known as Microsoft Flow). It was designed by Microsoft specifically to help organizations quickly, easily, and cost-effectively build apps and manage data, which is exactly what LifeWorks needed. Each component can work on its own, but all three together can accomplish amazing transformations of all sizes and shapes. This is not possible with traditional approaches like customizing software or buying full-blown software.

The key to the Power Platform: It’s built on Microsoft Dataflex Pro (formerly known as the Common Data Service for Apps), a secure database in the Azure Cloud. Dataflex Pro is the foundation that provides the unified, simplified data schema that enables any application or service (not just Microsoft) to work together seamlessly. This also means the Power Platform can be used with Office 365, Dynamics 365, and any third-party application or platform.

The goal of the Power Platform is to empower organizations regardless of size, budget or resources to get exactly what they need to do efficiently–but without the time and expense associated with traditional software development. And the best news is that existing systems don’t need to be touched; apps and workflows can simply be built around other applications and systems and work harmoniously together.

Let the Microsoft Power Platform help you help the people you serve

Does your non-profit organization struggle with inefficient or manual processes? We can help with the Power Platform, just like we’ve helped LifeWorks and many other non-profit organizations. Watch this video to learn more about LifeWorks. Then contact HSO’s non-profit experts to discuss proof of concept using the Power Platform to help you conquer your challenges.