A large regional bank recently brought on a new CTO, and, as is often the case, he walked into a bit of a mess: old, outdated technology was doing its best to support this financial institution with more than 200 branch locations…but it wasn’t good enough to attract new customers and turn them into loyal fans.

The CTO’s overall goal—other than to provide the best IT support possible—was to invigorate the organization as a whole, with the first step being to bring new technologies in to enable everyone to better engage with customers. The ideal marketing tool would help draw customers and provide the branches with more and better opportunities to engage.

Young Couple at Financial Services Company

While there are many marketing software solutions on the market, the financial services team at Microsoft was confident that Microsoft held the answer to the company’s needs. The next step was to find a Microsoft Partner with the skills and understanding of the industry to present that solution.  

Microsoft’s Recommendation for Financial Services: HSO

Microsoft turned to HSO. We are focused exclusively on Microsoft technologies, including Dynamics 365 and Azure, and we have worked closely for years with leading financial services companies to design and implement solutions that address their specific needs and requirements, tackling their challenges while positioning them for growth and transformation. We’ve developed intellectual property (IP) specifically for this market, removing barriers and friction on their road to transformation.

We’ve also worked closely with the Microsoft Team on many of these engagements. They know us well and respect our work, so they recommended us to this banking institution. We were more than ready for the challenge…and we had the tools we needed to make it happen. 

The door is opened with the Microsoft Power Platform

In a one-day workshop—yep, just one day—we sat down with the company’s team, discussed their requirements, and built a Power App for their event management needs. Branch managers and employees can now share fun, bank-sponsored events with their customers, filtered by region. By quickly and easily guiding them to these events, employees are better able to improve the overall customer experience and promote loyalty.

With the success of the Power App workshop, the company has already identified the need to update their call center and is discussing replacing Salesforce with Dynamics 365. So, in just one day, HSO and Microsoft addressed their marketing challenge, but we also opened the door for the new CTO to breathe new life into the company’s infrastructure.

How the Microsoft Power Platform makes it possible to deliver effective solutions quickly

So, the question is: How does the Microsoft Power Platform make it possible to build and deploy a successful solution so quickly, without any disruption to the business? 

The idea behind the Power Platform is that organizations should not have to settle for technology that is “almost” what they need. They should have an approachable, cost-effective way to get exactly what they need to serve their unique processes without the time and expense of traditional development.

The Power Platform is made up of three tools—Power BI, Power Apps, and Power Automate (formerly known as Microsoft Flow). Designed by Microsoft to help organizations quickly, easily, and cost-effectively build apps and manage data, each component of the Power Platform works on its own, but they also work very well together to deliver amazing transformations that weren’t really feasible before without a large budget and access to experienced developers.

What makes the Power Platform tick is Microsoft Dataflex Pro (formerly known as the Common Data Service for Apps). This is a secure database in Azure that serves as the foundation for a unified, simplified data schema that allows any application or service—not just Microsoft—to work together seamlessly. This also explains why the Power Platform can be used not only with Office 365, Dynamics 365, and other Microsoft technologies, but also with any third-party application or platform, like Salesforce or SAP.

Find out what the Power Platform and HSO can do for you

The Microsoft Power Platform has introduced a completely new way for firms to align technology with their business needs. You no longer have to settle for less or “workarounds” that actually cause more work, or face breaking the budget with customized solutions.

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