Microsoft Dynamics AX has been the ERP backbone of many businesses and many of our customers since its initial release in 2002. As Microsoft invests more in Dynamics 365 Finance, mainstream AX support for all versions is ending after 2021. So where does that leave organizations who aren’t ready to upgrade AX to Dynamics 365 or don’t really need to upgrade anytime soon?

Microsoft Dynamics AX support is ending HSO has your back imageIf you’re feeling the pressure to either upgrade or be left without support, we want you to know that HSO has your back. Our goal is to help you maximize the value of your investment in AX today while helping you strategize growth and making a practical plan for your future. This is the fundamental purpose of our application management and support services so you never have to worry that your system is managed, maintained, and optimized regardless of your platform.

Why It May Make Sense to Stay on Dynamics AX (For Now)

Just because Microsoft will no longer offer mainstream support for AX doesn’t mean you have to stop using it.

Here are some scenarios where you might put off upgrading.

  • Dynamics AX meets your current business needs and you have other means of providing support either internally, through a trusted partner, or a combination of the two.
  • You recently migrated to AX and are not ready financially or logistically for another upgrade at this time (but you do need a support plan).
  • You do plan to upgrade to Dynamics 365 Finance but are not ready to do it yet and may need interim support and services during the transition and with the upgrade.

Your Dynamics AX Support Options

Since your ERP system is a mission-critical part of your business, supporting it is also mission-critical. If you are relying on Microsoft for some or all of that today, it is imperative to make new plans now. Your business will still need user support, IT escalation support, and security updates just to name a few.

Internal IT

If you plan to rely on your IT team alone, you need to ask yourself a few questions. Will they be able to fulfill all of your AX support needs once Microsoft exits? Do they have the bandwidth and skills to tackle the additional workload? Can your internal team provide the strategic guidance needed to prepare for the future? And, of course, wouldn’t you rather have your IT team focused on other things?

3rd Party Partner

If you have an existing service and support partner for AX, now is a good time to evaluate them. Are they giving you enough time and attention today? Will they be able to keep up with your expanding needs without Microsoft’s help in the background? Can they support you through a major upgrade if and when you decide to migrate to Dynamics 365 Finance? 

Whatever your current support model, HSO’s application management and support services are tailored to your needs and include far more than break-fix support.

We go the extra mile to: 

  • Act as an extension of your existing Dynamics team
  • Provide both reactive and proactive support from solution and industry experts
  • Create product road maps and schedules that work for your business
  • Plan for upgrades and new benefits, both short and long term
  • Work with and train your IT team without the burden of adding new FTE overhead
  • Allow you continued use of the following Dynamics versions:

Dynamics AX 3.0

Dynamics AX 4.0

Dynamics AX 2009

Dynamics AX 2012

Is it time to upgrade AX to Dynamics 365?

Although much of the functionality is the same between AX and Dynamics 365 Finance, there have been several enhancements in Dynamics 365 that could be worth doing a deeper assessment to see if an upgrade makes sense. This is where a partner with advanced experienced in both solutions can help you map out your requirements and compare staying or upgrading so you to make a sound decision. At HSO, we aren’t just an extension of your IT team—we are an integral part of your strategic team as well. 

You’re Covered with HSO

While the pressure is on to plan your support path for Dynamics AX soon, the pressure to upgrade is not.  You can depend on HSO’s Dynamics and industry experts and our AX application management services to ensure you are running efficiently all day, every day. Contact us to start the conversation – sign up today for a Big Brain Session.


As VP of International and Managed Services for HSO, Rohit Gupta has more than 20 years of leadership experience, focusing on improving profitability and employee engagement through strategic, organizational, and operational planning and execution.

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