If you’ve ever looked online for weather information, chances are you’ve gone to one of two sources. (I won’t mention the other here). With offices around the world, this company serves more than 1.5 billion people daily through radio, television, newspapers, smart phones, tablets, connected TVs, the company’s network and its website.

The company also produces and distributes news, weather content, and video for more than 180,000 third-party websites and serves 245 of Fortune 500 companies and thousands of businesses globally.

With all of these relationships, the company deals with a huge number of contracts and other legal documents–and this was one of their biggest challenges. The company’s salespeople and attorneys were using a complicated, manual process to manage contract negotiations, which lengthened the sales cycle considerably and stalled deals.

Anything that lengthens or threatens a sale needs to be addressed quickly. The key to consistent, profitable growth and staying power in the ever-changing media market is to take advantage of technology quickly and cost-effectively.

In the business of helping companies innovate through technology for more than 30 years, HSO is 100 percent focused on the Microsoft platform as the foundation of our solutions for the Media industry. Our Media experts have decades of experience in the industry, supported by strong technical expertise.

HSO and the Microsoft Power Platform tackle the challenge

This company has been a client of my company, HSO, for many years. We have had a very successful partnership, providing them with technology solutions and support that has kept pace with the company’s growth. The company turned to us for help with the contract management issue–and we gladly accepted the challenge.

Utilizing the Microsoft Power Platform, HSO created a mobile device and desktop-accessible Power App that bridges the gap between email and both structured and unstructured business apps. Integrated with the company’s Dynamics 365 CRM solution, SharePoint, and Teams, the app enables salespeople to review and manage contracts and communicate with customers about their contracts–all from a mobile device–and with the peace of mind of knowing the exchanges are automatically tracked and saved. The company’s attorneys use Teams to discuss the terms of a contract, and the contract negotiation process now runs seamlessly, allowing salespeople to close deals in a fraction of the time.

How the Microsoft Power Platform works to help companies like this address their challenges

So, how does the Microsoft Power Platform make it possible for dynamic, growing companies with complex requirements get exactly the functionality they need to keep their competitive edge?

The Power Platform includes three tools—Power BI, Power Apps, and Power Automate (formerly known as Microsoft Flow). Designed by Microsoft specifically to help companies quickly, easily, and cost-effectively build apps and manage data, each component can work on its own, but all three together can accomplish transformations of all sizes and shapes. This is a game-changer: It is not possible with traditional approaches like customizing software or buying a point solution.

The key to the Power Platform is that it is built on Microsoft Dataflex Pro (formerly known as the Common Data Service for Apps), a secure database in the Azure Cloud. The CDS is the foundation, providing a unified, simplified data schema that enables any application or service (not just Microsoft) to work together seamlessly. This means the Power Platform can be used with Office 365, Dynamics 365, as well as any third-party application or platform.

The best news is that existing systems don’t need to be touched; apps and workflows can simply be built around other applications and systems and work harmoniously together.

Let HSO and the Microsoft Power Platform help you tackle your challenges

Does your company struggle with inefficient or manual processes that are getting in the way of growth and success? We can help with the Power Platform, just like we’ve helped this and 50 other leading media companies. Contact HSO’s media experts to discuss proof of concept using the Power Platform to help you take care of your challenges.