Microsoft recently released the Microsoft 2021 Environmental Sustainability Report, which focuses on their commitments and progress toward becoming a carbon negative, water positive, zero waste company by 2030 and their work toward protecting ecosystems.

This is a continuing process that is, logically, a collective effort that Microsoft hopes will involve partners, customers, and the world. To support these efforts, Microsoft will be sharing their knowledge and best practices and is “committed to leveraging technology to help organizations of all kinds digitally transform with sustainability in mind.”

One way Microsoft is doing so is through the #Buildfor2030 Initiative and Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability. According to a Forrester report, there is a growing demand for sustainable solutions, and organizations across industries are committing to sustainability, partly by pursuing solutions that promote operational efficiencies, process redesign, and new business models needed in a decarbonized economy.

#Buildfor2030 is a roadmap for Microsoft partners to develop solutions across areas aligned to five of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. More than just an initiative, it is a challenge to partners to design transformative solutions aligned around five #Buildfor2030 themes:

  • Gender equality: Technology that creates equal participation, equitable economic access, and opportunities at all levels in life and work for girls and women
  • Climate action and sustainability: Solutions that help customers around the world transition to a net-zero carbon future
  • Digital inclusion and accessibility: Accessible technology devices and applications with inclusive design for the more 1+billion people living with disabilities
  • Enabling the nonprofit sector: Solutions that enable non-profit organizations to achieve scalable and measurable mission impact
  • Empowering communities: Reimagined solutions that strengthen institutions, build a resilient infrastructure, and create fair and equitable access to health, education, and social services

Along with #Buildfor2030, Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability is a launchpad for partner innovation around environmental sustainability to help customers take control of their environmental initiatives.

Participation in #Buildfor2030: The Opportunity to be a changemaker

One important facet of this program is to encourage Microsoft partners–as well as our customers – to be changemakers:

“Changemaking is about accelerating your capacity for innovation. Changemakers identify a specific problem or opportunity to drive social impact, give themselves permission to do something about it, and use a combination of knowledge, resources, and determination to tackle it.” – Microsoft #BuildFor2030 Initiative

HSO is honored to have been asked by Microsoft to join the initiative. As a trusted technology partner focusing on non-profits, we understand the mission of the program and the importance of facilitating change to make things better.

We’ll be participating under the Enabling the nonprofit sector theme with our Social Services Case Management Accelerator, which helps non-profit organizations advance their mission by supporting the entire client life cycle.


Powered by the Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit and the Microsoft Power Platform, HSO’s Social Services Case Management Accelerator is built on an integrated client and case management framework designed to support the complete client lifecycle through request, receipt, and follow-up of services. This flexible, customizable framework facilitates more efficient case management to help provide a pathway to self-sufficiency in areas of mental health, education, employment, housing, and more. Check Microsoft AppSource for:

Case Management for Non-Profits: 8-Week Implementation

In just a few weeks, you’ll see what the right technology, implemented in the right way, can do for your non-profit. As part of this offer, you’ll get:

  • An assessment of the current and future process, system landscape, and requirements
  • Recommendations for adopting the Microsoft Power Platform
  • Implementation of the Case Management Accelerator using the Microsoft Nonprofit Accelerator with Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI
  • Admin and user training with training material

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