As a small to medium business, growth is always on the forefront of your business planning. Predictable costs help with budget planning and forecasting. Depending on your business, revenue can fluctuate seasonally or yearly due to the economy or other factors. You need to be able to count on set monthly or yearly maintenance costs to manage your company’s budget. The right business management solution will help you manage or avoid unpredictable IT-related costs for deployment, operation, scaling, maintenance, and upgrading.

A carefully chosen business management solution will provide you with options for achieving cost predictability through flexible licensing arrangements and stable, use-based subscription rates. If you negotiate carefully, you can ensure that upgrades, software fixes, service packs, and updates will be included in your contract, giving you even greater cost predictability. And you may be able to negotiate service level agreements for security or high availability. Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution’s offer protected list prices and the option for multi-year support plans.

Another key factor for planning the future of your business is choosing a solution that offers integrated business intelligence. As you preview systems, keep in mind that you now have an opportunity to improve your operational control, increase productivity and gain insight for future growth.

Learn from your company’s information, use the data, not just for reporting on past performance and financial results but with embedded business intelligence and analytical tools that provide insights that can help your business move forward. Identify best practices by examining your strong performers, products and promotions and implement these practices across the company. Additionally, this data helps uncover growth opportunities and develop scenarios that predict possible results. You can use these results to invest in the most lucrative opportunities.

While your company is planning for future growth using a business management solution with  predictable costs and forward looking analytical tools, make sure the solution itself  is flexible enough to grow with you. What are your upgrade options? How will your solution fare with technology innovations? Just as you plan ahead for business, your software solution provider should offer a forecast of new releases, and technology advancements. A great way to ensure that the product you buy is flexible enough to adapt to new technology, economic conditions and requirements changes, is to look for a vendor with a history of consistent product releases and a clear technology roadmap.