In asset management, data is all powerful. Without good, reliable data and a convenient way to access and use it, you are at a competitive disadvantage. That’s why it’s critical to get the right technology and processes in place to help you wrangle that data into something you can capitalize on. The videos in this series discuss 6 common areas in which Artificial Intelligence (AI) can change the way asset management firms operate, increasing profitability and giving you that elusive competitive edge. If you haven’t already read the introduction: 6 Ways Asset Management Firms Can Benefit from Artificial Intelligence; Part 1, Managing Wholesaler and Retailer Lines of Business; and Part 2, Managing Pipelines and RFPs, be sure to go back and read them.

This video discusses how AI can assist wholesalers with trip planning. It’s a time-consuming job, so it’s important to make the most of time spent. But how do they decide who to visit in a given area? It’s typically done in a very subjective way, which can be much less productive and profitable. Watch this video to see how AI and machine learning can help make those decisions—but with objectivity, making the most of each trip.

How do you decide who to visit?

Let’s say you have a wholesaler who is planning a trip to Boston to visit a client who’s at risk, or perhaps a prospect who’s ready to close. It clearly makes sense to use that time to see other prospects and clients in the same area. But, with dozens or hundreds of people and organizations to choose from, how does the wholesaler decide who to see?

Ideally, reps will visit clients or prospects that present the best opportunities, but, being human, we might not choose so wisely. We often go with those we already know or even who we like to spend time with. It’s human not to want to deal with difficult people.  With AI and machine learning helping wholesalers make those decisions, they get much greater objectivity, plus the ability to make the most of the trip. AI and machine learning use solid data to help them focus on a shorter list of clients or prospects…those who have the most potential.

AI isn’t science fiction–it’s very real and very actionable, right now. With tools like Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE (Sales), AI can help you optimize your time and increase profitability. Watch this video to see how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning can help address this challenge and stay tuned for more videos in the series.