Like any business, asset management firms depend on data. They lose their competitive advantage–and the trust of their clients–without the ability to access and use data. The ability to access and utilize data requires the right technology and processes. Artificial intelligence, or AI, is an exciting development in this area, particularly for asset management firms. This series of 6 videos covers key areas where AI can change the way you operate and increase the return on investment in your firm. If you haven’t watched the other videos yet, be sure to catch them all (it isn’t necessary to watch them in order):

Part 6 of the series, Enterprise Reporting, discusses how AI can help you get the most from your data. 

It’s time to go deeper with your reports

A big issue for most asset management firms is reporting. With lines of business operating differently from one another and the large amounts of data within those different systems, how do you see everything—all rolled up into one place and organized, ready to format?

It’s very difficult and sometimes even impossible to get an accurate view, or at least a timely one. But from a management perspective, having this ability is not an option. Without it, there is no way to make intelligent, timely business decisions, and that puts you at a serious disadvantage.

With an application like Dynamics 365, you can drill down and summarize data by market value, by fees, by number of clients…whatever combination you require…quickly and easily. But how do you gain actionable insights from that data? How do you ask questions of your data, like, “What are our top 5 funds?” That’s where AI comes into play–and works just as easily and quickly as setting filters. The combination of Dynamics 365 and AI can also be accessed from mobile devices, extending that power to your road warriors.

AI is real and ready for asset management! Watch this video to see how an open platform provided by Dynamics 365, coupled with machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), can help you meet your reporting needs.