I’m approaching my fourth year as an employee at HSO (a Microsoft Gold Dynamics Partner), which got me thinking about why I’ve stayed at the first company I’ve ever worked for. I thought I would share why I am positive that I could not have found a better landing spot to kick off my career than HSO.

First, a little bit of background. Luckily for me, my university hosted a Microsoft Bootcamp that I attended over winter break. During the week-long course, I was trained in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and introduced to the recruiter for Green Beacon Solutions (acquired by HSO in 2016). Next thing I knew, I was on a plane to Boston for a day-long stint of interviews. Being hired directly out of college, I relocated to Boston from Rochester, New York to start my job as a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultant. At the time, I didn’t even know what being a consultant meant, especially at HSO, and wow, am I glad that I know now.

Here are my reasons for loving where I work:

#1 The option to work from anywhere

Whether it’s your first day out of college or tenth year in your current position, take a minute to picture a day in the life of your dream job. Does it mean moving to a big and bustling city with horns honking on your commute? Would it have you building up air miles as you fly from coast to coast for client meetings? How about the option to stay at home in your PJs and take your dog for a walk during lunchtime? What if you don’t want to settle on just one of these options and prefer a combination?

Perfect—these are the options that HSO offers employees. Because we engage with different types of clients in various locations throughout the country, our servicing model is able to be as unique and accommodating as it is. Depending on the engagement, a team is built around the specific needs of the client in order to see it through to the finish line. This means that one client might require a resource on site at all times, while another only needs a face-to-face meeting every other month. With these options comes the ability for team members to travel or stay at home on an as-needed, as agreed-upon basis. The technical world we live in and the software that we support allows us to stay connected and provide our value from wherever we choose to be on any given day.

For example: At my current client engagement, I am fortunate to be able to split my time up 50-50, where each month I am on the road for two weeks and working remotely from home for two weeks. This flexibility allows me to create a balance between my work and home life, where I get to travel and experience different locations while also spending extra time doing the things I love with my family. With these options, I’ve been granted opportunities that I might have never stumbled upon if it hadn’t been for HSO and my consulting career path. Since joining HSO, I’ve lived in 4 different states, took several vacations, and got to spend time with family that live on the opposite side of the country as I do now.

#2 Amazing benefits

In addition to being able to work from anywhere, HSO offers a competitive and rewarding compensation plan with bonuses for every employee, not just salespeople. In fact, everyone who meets their performance goals gets the chance to make Presidents’ Club—an all-expense-paid trip for you and a guest to a dreamy destination like Cancun or Jamaica. Having goals and compensation awards such as our Presidents’ Club gives employees something additional to strive for in addition to providing value to our clients. I have had the honor of going on our Presidents’ Club trip with my husband for the past two years, and it is something we enjoy as we escape the end of winter in upstate New York and spend time in the warm sun with a group of wonderful colleagues and their guests.

#3 A place you’re proud to work for

Software and its industries are our passion; however, being great employees (in my case, a consultant) and offering top-notch solutions to our clients is where we excel above and beyond at HSO. From financial services to non-profits, we deliver with our best foot forward to propel our clients and their organizations through initial sales talks, to discovery and implementation phases and even post-launch support. In our team of experts, there is a place for anyone to fit into the success of our organization as well as the success of our clients.

#4 A place that makes you proud of yourself

Working for a company that is making an impact on its clients is rewarding in itself. However, what about being recognized for your individual accomplishments? Working hard to deliver on your piece of the success while meeting or exceeding your set goals truly deserves some praise and will not go unnoticed at HSO. In addition to compensation with bonuses, there are other reward opportunities. For example, HSO offers “road warrior” compensation to employees that spend a significant amount of time away from home working hand-in-hand with our clients. During my time at HSO, I have seen first-hand not only how appreciative employees are to work here, but also how proud our management is of the work we accomplish together. When an organization is operating as a well-oiled machine, there is much to be recognized and celebrated.

#5 More than one career path

Once you’re settled in at HSO, the insight into various career paths and growth opportunities will come to light. Are you a technical developer who would like to try your hand at providing software trainings or presenting solutions to a client? How about a project manager who wants to assist in pre-sales opportunities? The cross-functional roles that HSO has to offer can help you in growing and refining your skill sets while seeing customer solutions come to life. Prefer to stay in your lane as a mast­er of your craft? There is always a home for subject matter experts on our team, but it’s nice to know flexibility will always be an option.

With a degree in Computer Science, I spent four years of college behind a computer screen developing websites and mobile apps. Coming into HSO four years ago, I was placed on the technical track as an Associate Consultant due to my background and this being my first job experience. Since then, I have worn many different hats as an employee of HSO. Some of my roles on client projects to date include business analyst, integration manager, project manager, report developer, and even data analyst (Working with the Microsoft Power Platform, there are many different tools and tasks that can make up your day-to-day activities, making each day an opportunity to learn and try something new.) Most recently, through opportunities presented by HSO and with continued guidance from my colleagues, I have been promoted to Senior Consultant.

#6 A feeling of connection

So, what if you like an environment where you can connect with other employees? Although the HSO team is dispersed all over North America, we stay connected in other ways to keep our culture intact as we have continued to grow over the past 20 years. We get together for an annual party at our headquarters in New York City, where we celebrate our achievements together and recognize team members who represent our shared values, like Client Empathy and Employee Growth. We have quarterly dinners for employees in the same geographic area. All our meetings—even remote—include video so we can see each other and have a more personalized interaction. We also participate in bonding activities and other remote exercises. In short, we actually do see a lot of each other, regardless of where we are.

Want to hear more about our open opportunities and how you can become the newest member of the HSO team? Check out our Careers page and discover what it’s like to love where you work.