If your organization is using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, your IT team might be stressed out about the end of mainstream support from Microsoft. After all, you invested in a fantastic CRM solution that is still serving you well today — why should you have to upgrade to Dynamics 365 just to get the help you need?

You don't have to break up with Microsoft Dynamics CRM support imageThe answer is – you don’t. Whether your IT team is already maxed out or perhaps your current partner can’t or won’t support Dynamics CRM, there is an option you may want to consider. 

HSO’s Microsoft Dynamics Application Management Services are the perfect answer for organizations who need experienced support and strategic guidance to maximize the value of Dynamics CRM and other Dynamics solutions—completely on your terms.

What is Application Management?

There are lots of IT support and service companies out there. Our business model at HSO is unique because, well, so is yours. While many partners focus on a standard break-fix support plan, we offer comprehensive application management services. This means instead of just reactive, band-aid patches, you get a dedicated team working with you to establish goals and achieve sustainable results. We’re here to help you through your entire digital transformation journey.

Here’s what you can expect with HSO Dynamics CRM Application Management:

  • A dedicated HSO support team from numerous experienced industry and application subject matter experts with the precise skillsets you need
  • Standardized IT spend with a manageable monthly fee
  • Proactive maintenance for your systems including security, system performance, and monitoring
  • Custom development and enhancements as required
  • Access to 24/7 first-tier support around the globe with an assigned point of contact for seamless knowledge transfer and transition
  • Expert coaching for training your IT team and users, ensuring high user adoption and confidence

5 Reasons to consider Application Management Services for Dynamics CRM

  1. With Microsoft ending mainstream support for older Dynamics products like CRM, your IT team is most likely filling that gap.

    Whether helping with their bandwidth or assisting with your future upgrade plans, your HSO application management service team is ready on day one to support your organization and your internal IT professionals. As a result, you can continue running any Dynamics solutions efficiently and effectively as long as you want including: 
    Dynamics CRM 4.0
    Dynamics CRM 2011
    Dynamics CRM 2013
    Dynamics CRM 2015
    Dynamics CRM 2016
    Dynamics 365

  2. If your IT team is trying to keep up with hardware and software maintenance, updates, security, customizations and more while also providing user support—they may need some help.

    They may not have the luxury of devoting time to keeping current with industry trends and updating their skill sets on newer technologies. HSO is immersed every single day in rapidly evolving technology innovations so we can help you put them to good use and make practical recommendations for your future.

  3. You are already invested in the Microsoft platform with CRM and other business solutions.

    Choosing a leading Microsoft Partner like HSO gives you access to subject matter experts across Microsoft applications and many third-party integrations. You can trust our ability to support your entire Microsoft technology stack such as Dynamics CRM, GP, AX and Dynamics 365.

  4. If and when you are ready to upgrade CRM or any of your Microsoft solutions to the cloud-based Dynamics 365 platform, we can help you build a roadmap and make the transition to the cloud seamless.

    From implementation and integrations to ongoing support for your systems, we provide an end-to-end solution with 24/7 support anywhere in the world. Your internal IT and strategic team are closely involved with planning and continuous innovations while our team handles all the heavy lifting.

  5. Technology is important, but it’s only part of the solution.

    You need a knowledgeable partner with the experience, expertise, and reputation to turn your technology into an enabler that drives performance and growth now and in the future. What differentiates HSO from our competitors is our people who supplement your Dynamics and IT team.

Continue the conversation

HSO welcomes the opportunity to talk with you about your Dynamics support and service needs. For more than 30 years, we helped people and companies of all sizes around the world solve business challenges. Our Application Management Services are designed to be a flexible, affordable, and valuable support option for Microsoft Dynamics customers.

Engage in a Big Brain Session with our experts and learn how to take the pressure off your internal team. Enjoy all the new ways we can help you leverage your Dynamics investment.

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As VP of International and Managed Services for HSO, Rohit Gupta has more than 20 years of leadership experience, focusing on improving profitability and employee engagement through strategic, organizational, and operational planning and execution.

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